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This is the game that you see James Bond playing. It's the game that is played in the "Pit" - the roped-off area manned by tuxedoed dealers and the most attractive cocktail waitresses.

Buzz takes all that intimidation out of the game and makes it understandable, and surprisingly easy! Don't be Afraid!

Baccarat Made Easy

One of the most popular Casino table games, Blackjack has a million followers and 2 million ways to screw it up!

Don't be one of the "cattle" - break out and Win! The game is thoroughly explored and explained. It's a must-have for anyone who plays Blackjack!

Blackjack Buzz

A variation on 5-card stud poker, this game gives you new betting propositions and ways to make much more money than traditional poker games.

Caribbean Stud Buzz introduces jackpot/bonuses that awards huge payoffs if you're lucky enough to have placed the bonus bet. In this book, you'll learn how and when to bet the bonus.

Caribbean Stud Buzz

A game for the adventurous player. Let It Ride is a variation of Poker that is unlike any other game... anywhere. Loads of fun, this game has loyal fans that know the secrets to winning. Join the group. Learn the games pitfalls and advantages... and leverage your bets.

Let It Ride Buzz
Are you a Blackjack player? If so, you must try this variation of the game. Its rules are very different, it's play is similar... but with a huge difference that results in changing everything you know about Blackjack - Plus it offers opportunities for huge payoffs!
Lucky Ladies Blackjack
Attention Poker players. Learn this game because of all the differences from every Poker game you know. Yes, there are bonuses that can make you independently rich. You are playing against the house, not the other players... easier? Check out this book and you'll see.
Three Card Poker

The most social game in the casino, PaiGow Poker allows and encourages players to talk among themselves to help each other with the decisions they must make. Even the Dealer will help you!

Fully 40% of all hands end as pushes... so you can play for hours on a very small bankroll... and have a lot of fun while you're at it!

PaiGow Poker

A giant book (latest version is about 130 pages) jam-packed with information to make you a formidable opponent - and maybe even get you to the final table!

All forms of Poker are taught. Tons of odds, proposition bets, secrets, tips and strategies are fully covered in this book.

If you play or want to play Poker... Get This Book!


The Number One, Best-Selling book on Craps on Clickbank for four years!

It's spendy, but worth every dime!

Like everyone else who gets this book, you'll soon be winning $20 per minute.

Winning Craps Money

This is the very popular "Twist" on Blackjack...

Huge differences, Big Bonuses, Big Payoffs and Big Profits.

Plus: the 3 Critical Strategy Cards that you can take to the casino... no memorizing necessary.

Spanish "21"

This Blackjack variation makes the "Ladies" very valuable to you. In fact, all the high cards are more important in Lucky Ladies Blackjack because they bring you winnings that are not available in any other game.

Opening hands of "20", are probably a winner in Blackjack, but here, they will Rock your Bankroll!

Lucky Ladies

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